Frequently Asked Questions About Our Superior Drills and Services

A: YES, we will make OR source your special tool for you.

A: YES, you can buy directly. You will need to prove that you are a distributor to qualify for the discount.

A: Call us with your application. We can help.

A: Of course. We stock over 10,000 standard items; odds are we have your drill.

A: YES, you can now order and buy online. Or, call one of our service representatives to take your order.

A: We do. Send us your dull tools and we will quote the resharpening before we begin the job (We do this because we cannot accurately quote without seeing how damaged they are). Drills smaller than 1/8” are not resharpenable.

A: Unfortunately, no. Some drills simply are no longer made in the USA. We do, however, only get the best available drill. We stand behind all the tools we sell. If your customer is not satisfied, we will accept it back. We manufacture from scratch or modify other tools right here in Warren, MI, USA.

A: Yes, we are very proud of our brand-new website ( Check it out!

A: We do! We hold a method of manufacture patent on producing these tools. We can make END MILLS, THREAD MILLS, TAPS, DRILLS, and GUN DRILLS—all with our new patent. Ask us about your application.

A: YES, we have a $50.00 net minimum order. For orders less than $50, we will apply a $10.00 fee.

A: 3:30 pm is our cutoff. If it is important, we recommend you call the order in to be sure we received it.